The SORS program offers specialized evaluation services conducted by experts in the use of specialized, empirically supported approaches and testing instruments. Each client in the SORS program is recommended to have a comprehensive Psychosexual Evaluation completed prior to their acceptance. Psychosexual Evaluations completed by outside persons are acceptable if the evaluator is a listed sexual offender evaluator with the SOMB and the report includes the required information outlined in the Colorado Sexual Offender Management Board Standards and Guidelines.

The purpose of a sexual offense specific/psychosexual evaluation is to determine a client’s potential risk to reoffend, his treatment needs and the appropriate placement to address these needs while also providing the necessary level of supervision based on risk level. The evaluation can also be used to help identify other or secondary issues that may contribute to improved mental health and reduction of risk (i.e. Drug and alcohol abuse treatment, anger management, trauma resolution, etc.). Each evaluation typically requires between five to eight hours to complete, generally over a few days’ time. Information identified in the Psychosexual Evaluation is used to assist in treatment plan development and community supervision guidelines. These issues are outlined in the individual treatment plan and client change contract.

The evaluation will require the client to submit to a clinical interview, psychological testing and sexual interest/arousal testing, which includes either a Penile Plethysmograph (PPG) or LOOK Assessment of Sexual Interest. The LOOK Assessment is utilized for all in-custody evaluations.

Please note:
  • All evaluations are conducted to meet the standards set forth by the Colorado SOMB.
  • Cost is determined based on travel.
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