Internships can play a crucial role in graduate student professional development. They provide valuable experience for graduate students, and can be beneficial in multiple ways. An internship offers an opportunity to gain relevant experience, and to get a realistic perspective on what it is like to work within a given field. Graduate internships are a partnership between SORS and universities, designed to help new and recent graduates gain real work experience.

Graduate Internships With Sexual Offense Resource Services

This internship is designed for persons interested in working in a sexual offense specific treatment setting. Students will have the opportunity to participate as a member of the SORS clinical team in all capacities. Students will be offered experience in assessment, monitoring, individual, group and family therapy.

An internship can confirm your interest in a career area, or conversely, cause you to reassess your plan. For instance, a graduate student recently reported that his internship at SORS helped him to gain a broader set of skills and a unique perspective of the treatment of high-risk offenders. His internship helped to clarify his preference for working directly with clients in community-based offender programs.

Please contact us to apply for a graduate internship.

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