Offense Specific Individual Psychotherapy

In the treatment plan, individual therapy sessions are provided as needed and based on level of risk, specific treatment goals, or specialized needs. Clients are initially seen once per week until they are fully established in the program structure. This can be increased if clinical or behavioral indicators suggest it would be beneficial. Individual therapy is utilized to address many issues including individual psychiatric issues, victimization, family dynamics, school and job development, characterological change issues, intensive case management issues and motivation difficulties.

Offense Specific Group Therapy

Group therapy is offered one time weekly for 120 minutes. Group is primarily designed to work on complete and detailed disclosure of the client’s sexual offenses. Emphasis is placed on the client’s reduction of denial, lying, secret keeping, minimizations, justifications, excuses and cognitive distortions when discussing his sexually abusive behaviors, past and present. Group is also used to engage the client in aiding victim recovery efforts and restorative justice projects. A positive peer culture is established to encourage clients to assist each other in their treatment in and out of the clinical setting.

Victim/Trauma Therapy

In many cases clients may have experienced their own trauma. The SORS program believes that in order to achieve a more complete recovery, each client must learn to intervene on their own cycle of reactivity, trauma and impact issues by using healthy coping mechanisms. Individual sessions and survivor programs are offered to assist in the recovery process.

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