Animal-assisted Therapy

The field of human-animal interactions has surged ahead in recent years. Unfortunately, growth and public relations activities have too often occurred without being grounded in the professional literature, sometimes resulting in misinformation that harms people or animals, reduces possible outcomes to be achieved or handicaps the field itself.

Animal-assisted therapy, activities and learning are included in a wide variety of professional settings to help people coping with physical or learning disabilities, illness, at-risk behavior, substance abuse, aging, child abuse and neglect, and numerous other challenges. Too often, however, well-meaning practitioners overlook the welfare of their animal partners, sacrificing the animals’ well-being for that of the client. SORS works to infuse animal ethics and welfare into all its initiatives, so that our fellow beings may be included in ways that don’t do them harm.

SORS advocates for the ethical care of animals and works to promote healthy relationships between people and animals.

  • The therapeutic inclusion of animals
  • The role of animals in the systems of people’s lives
  • Animal cruelty and interpersonal violence
  • Animals as social support
  • The human-animal connection in our society
  • The inclusion of animals in experiential therapy
  • Humane education
  • Clinical applications of the human-animal connection